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Coming to Cat Ba Island, visiting Monkey Island is one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable activities. With a perimeter of only 3 square kilometers, but Monkey Island keeps a lot of interesting things. Fascinating visitors by the pristine, breathtaking view of the mountain and beautiful white sand, Monkey Island is an ideal destination whilst traveling in Cat Ba to have a truly amazing time and relaxing moment during your stay.  Let’s break down the article by following these links below to find a helpful part for you


Monkey Island Introduction

What to do on Monkey Island

How to get Monkey island

Be careful on Monkey Island

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Monkey island introduction

Monkey Island is not a strange name to visitors when traveling in Cat Ba. Only 15 minutes away from Beo harbour by boat, Monkey Island is the first place in the trip to visit Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay . On the way, you will have the opportunity to visit fishing villages and fish farms, learn about the living habits and lifestyle of local fishermen in Cat Ba. This will be an enjoyable experience for you. Monkey Island was originally called Pineapple island because it has pineapple trees growing on sand. In the past, fishermen in Cat Ba often came to the island to pick up wild pineapple to make a remedy as a cure for diabetes. Currently, there are more than 20 wild monkeys living on the island. They usually come down to the beach to receive food from visitors. Time by time, it has been called Monkey Island to make the island more familiar to tourists

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What to do on Monkey Island 

Coming to the island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy golden sunlight on white sand beach. From here, you will be seeing the beauty of Lan Ha Bay with mountainous limestone karsts surrounding neighborhood area. Monkey Island’s white sand beach is also one of the highlights of the island. You can lie on the long white sand beach to enjoy the sunshine or spend minutes to immerse yourself in the cool blue crystal clear water. 

On Monkey Island, you can also kayak to explore the islets and small sand beaches around Monkey Island. With 200,000 VND ( $9 USD), you can rent a kayak to explore yourself. In addition, hiking on the mountain is also worth considering when visiting the Monkey Island. Only 10-minute hike, you will have the opportunity to capture panoramic photos from the top of the mountain. Not only that, you can also see the community of monkeys playing on it.

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How to get Monkey island 

The island is one of the attractions in the trip to Cat Ba. You can book daily boat tour and nature tours for a chance to visit Monkey Island and other famous sightseeing places on the tour schedule. Besides, if you want to explore this miracle place yourself, the suggestions below may be useful for you:


From the center of Cat Ba town, you ride a bike / take a taxi to Beo Harbour. It would take you 5 minutes by bike to get there. In the harbour, you buy a sight-seeing ticket at the ticket box which is 40.000vnd / each. Then take a small junk boat at the harbour. The price for round route should be from 200.000vnd – 300.000vnd / boat depending on your bargaining skills. A small junk boat is capable to take 8 people at the same time. If you have more people, you will pay less.

Vietnam tourism - How to get Cat Ba from Ha Noi by bikes?

What should you be careful on Monkey island?

Due to the natural instinct, the monkeys on the island are often very aggressive. You should pay attention when you intend to feed them. Be aware if you don’t  want to be bitten. Also, watch out for your stuff  if you don’t want to get stolen by the monkeys. Normally, as they are used to being fed by people, the monkeys often come very close to the large crowded tourist area, causing conflicts between monkeys and visitors. If you intend to do kayaking from Monkey Island, you should notice that the waves around the monkey island are usually very high. Wearing a life jacket is essential to keep you safe. In the other hand,  putting sun-scream to protect your skin is also a good idea as you will spend a lot of time taking part in outdoor activities on the island.

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