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1.      Take your visa seriously, very seriously indeed 

Applying for your visa is the first of 15 essential tips for Vietnam. It is an important part of travelling to any country but there are few things you should know about the Viet Nam Visa.

A.    Apply for your visa as soon as you can.Applying for a Vietnam tourist visa is quite simple however the system is outdated so it can take a little longer than expected to be accepted. You should apply at least 3-5 days before you plan to arrive in the country.You can apply for VietNam tourist visa online by filling out an application form on the government’s website. You should triple check the information on your form to avoid the tragic misfortune of your visa not being accepted and having to say goodbye to Vietnam without being seeing anything but the airport. 

B.     Exemption and visa fee for Vietnam tourist visa.Those from Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, and Western European countries get a free 15-day Visa. If you leave the country after or during this visa you must wait 30 days before re-entering. In this instance you would be better off getting a 3-month multiple entry visa online (at least 3 working days before your flight). Citizens of the United States, Canada, and Australia can apply for visa on arrival. The cost is about $ 45USD for a 30-day single entry visa. 

C.     Carry cash before you arrive at Viet Nam airport.Immigration officials only accept cash on arrival and there are no ATM’s in the airport before you reach immigration. Ensure you are carrying enough cash with you before you board your flight to Vietnam.

how to apply for vietnam visa

2. Bargaining skills are essential while traveling in Viet Nam

Shopping in Vietnam is very different to shopping in western markets. Most western tourists are used to a fixed price and will often believe anything they hear and read regarding prices. However you won’t get the real price if you believe the first one you hear when traveling in Viet Nam. Based on the platform of mini-capitalism, the Viet Nam market is unique. Learning to bargain is one of the most important 15 essential tips for Vietnam and will significantly reduce your travel budget. Remember to always ask about the price before deciding to buy anything such as clothes, shoes, sandals and fruits.

bargaining skills

3. Do not travel by train in Viet Nam.

Although traveling by train is an enjoyable experience, if your schedule is limited, do not waste time with the train system. Trains in Vietnam are known for being late and are often more expensive than other vehicles. They are often noisy and take much longer than the buses. Buying a bus ticket to travel in Vietnam is a much better option.

Do not travel by train in Viet Nam.
How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi

4. Drive carefully when traveling in Vietnam.

Driving in Viet Nam is completely different to what you will be used to. You should pay careful attention to everything around you as you never know when someone will suddenly turn left or right. Driving in Vietnam is an interesting experience, however it is also important to make sure you are safe.

5. Do not expect to see the whole of Viet Nam in 3 weeks of traveling.

Vietnam has more than 60 cities and provinces. With a history that dates back over 2000 years and a variety of customs, culture and different cuisines in each region; it is difficult to discover all of Vietnam in just 3 weeks or even 1 month of travel. Each region has vastly different characteristics that will constantly surprise you. If you are a big fan of nature, Viet Nam is the ideal destination for you. Taking time to research tips for Vietnam before you visit will ensure you get the most out of your time here.

đặc sản địa phương

6. Be careful of what you eat – especially street-food.

Although Viet Nam is world famous for its rich and varied street food, food poisoning is still a real possibility. This is because the quality of the ingredients is not guaranteed and the new combinations of flavors will be unfamiliar to your system. This can sometimes lead to unpleasant reactions in your digestive system which will surely put a halt to your holiday plans.

7. Pay attention when using Vietnamese currency.

It is possible to pay your bills with credit card in the larger cities of Vietnam however, if you are planning to travel to the countryside, you will find most places will only accept cash. Famous for the infinite number 0 on the bills, the Vietnamese currency makes you feel as if you are a millionaire, however this also makes it easy to make silly mistakes when paying for things. One of the most important of the 15 essential tips for Vietnam is to always pay close attention to the numbers on the bills to avoid misunderstandings or being given the wrong change.

Pay attention when using Vietnamese currency

8. Try to find accommodation down alleys instead of on the main street.

Accommodation prices are no regulated in Viet Nam. An essential tip for Vietnam is that you can find cheaper accommodation in the alleys off the main streets. These places are often much better value for money and equally as clean. They are usually quieter as well allowing you to have a proper rest after a long journey.

9. Exchange money at a jewelry shop to get a better exchange rate.

If you are carrying different currency with you and want to change to Vietnamese dong to save travel expenses, jewelry shops are for you. These shops are independent, and competition between stores is quite high, so you can check out a few different stores to determine where the highest exchange rate is. Keep in mind that they only accept new, non-crumpled notes and they will also only exchange it if the face value is lower than the conversion rate.

Why should you book our accommodation?

10. Spa’s, haircut’s and beauty treatments are surprisingly cheap in Viet Nam.

Compared to the price of beauty services in other western countries, Vietnam offers very cheap services, and is the ideal place for some pampering. The price of a manicure, body and face massages are very reasonable and the quality of service is usually quite high so you can rest assured you are in capable hands.

have a haircut in Viet Nam

11. You can fix anything in Viet Nam.

Do not worry if your shoes get torn or damaged during your travels, you can fix them at a very low cost and Viet Nam has a reputation for providing high quality service. If possible, you can bring your old damaged items with you when you travel to Vietnam. The reason behind this I because when Vietnam was a very poor country Vietnamese people had to learn how to repair things instead of buying new things. Gradually it has become part of Vietnamese culture and the skills have been passed onto the next generation

your shoes get torn or damaged during your travels

12. Internet is surprisingly fast in Viet Nam.

Despite being a developing country, Vietnam has an impressive internet access rate (30 to 40 million people using internet a day). The internet speed in Vietnam is very high and very cheap. You can easily buy data SIM cards at an average price of 200.000vnd – 300.000vnd ($10 – $15 USD) for 5 – 20 GB monthly. Do not worry if you work online as it is easy to find places to connect to the internet. In fact almost every café, restaurant and hotel offer free Wi-Fi these days.

See the Cat Ba city

13. Vietnamese coffee is the best.

Vietnamese coffee is very strong and the taste is very different to coffee found in other countries. Even the way Vietnamese make their coffee is different to what many foreigners are used to and it is an essential part of the Vietnamese experience.

Vietnamese coffee
cà phê

14. Street food cuisine is the best.

Signs of Chinese culture and influences from the French colonialists are still evident in modern Vietnamese culture. Vietnamese cuisine is a unique combination of two and this makes the street food another essential thing to experience whilst visiting Vietnam

15. Best time to travel in Viet Nam

The last of the 15 essential tips for Vietnam is that there is no wrong time to visit Vietnam. Every one of the five seasons offers a different experience. You can choose to immerse yourself in festivities if you come to Vietnam during the Lunar New Year or enjoy the coolness of the autumn weather as well as feel the heat of summer in Vietnam. Depending on your individual preference, you can choose the best time to travel for yourself.



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