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Currently, most people book rooms on booking applications such as, agenda, hostel world etc. All these choices can be overwhelming so Nam Travel has put together a comprehensive list to suit any budget to help you decide where to stay in Cat Ba. The accommodation listed below each have their own unique features that are not available anywhere else in Cat Ba, ensuring that your stay will be comfortable and pleasant.

Victor Charlie Hostel

Floating Dormitory 

Sleeping in the local beach 

Staying in Viet Hai Village: 

What are special things we offer if you book online with us ?


Victor Charlie Hostel

Located in a small alley on Nui Ngoc Road, Cat Ba Cave Hostel is a great option for those who want to experience Cat Ba whilst staying in a very unique place. What makes it so special? The clue is in the name. Behind the hotel is a massive cave that can accommodate up to 100 people. The cave was discovered 15 years ago completely by chance and the owner of the hotel decided to turn it into a restaurant. The cave was once home to Viet Cong to avoid American bombs and it is believed that many Viet Cong ( Vietnamese soldiers) items were discovered here.

During your stay you will have the opportunity to hear wartime stories, specific to Cat Ba, from the friendly host. The cave remains intact and the natural stalactite layers cannot be compared to anything man made. Not only that, the experience of eating in the cave is certain to be an unforgettable one. Room rates are very cheap. It is as little as $10 USD and $5 USD including breakfast for respectively a private room and a dorm bed.  Besides, everybody works here is able to speak English really well. You will find living here convenient and the environment is totally different comparing to other places in Cat Ba.

Victor Charlie Hostel

Floating Dormitory

Imagine walking on small wooden bridge that connects the shore to your resting place on a floating house in the middle of the sea. Located a convenient 5 -minute walk from the main port of Cat Ba town, the floating dorm is an ideal accommodation choice for those who love to be near the water. The stunning sea-view from the bedroom windows will fascinate visitors and you are sure to have a relaxing stay here. You can also enjoy delicious meals on the 2nd floor restaurant of the property whilst watching a spectacular sunset from the restaurant. What a view!  The floating dorm rate is only $8 USD/bed including breakfast.

Floating Dormitory
Floating Dormitory

Sleeping on the local beach 

If you want to get back to nature, many people will find the idea of sleeping on a private beach very appealing. There are 2 options: sleeping in a tent or sleeping in a dorm. Just you and your friends enjoying the fresh air or swimming in the blue sea. The beach is removed from the bustle of the town which means you can escape the crowded of tourist areas. The tent rate is only $18 USD/ each double tent and the dorm rate is $14 USD/bed. Breakfast is included in both options. Staying here will guarantee you a completely unique, grass-roots experience

Sleeping on the local beach
Sleeping on the local beach

Staying in Viet Hai Village:

Viet Hai village is a pristine wonderland 50 minutes away by boat from Beo Harbor in Cat Ba. Here you will be pleasantly surprised by the green carpet of primeval forests and the friendliness of the local people. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to participate in local activities such as fishing, harvesting organic fruit, trekking to the highest view point in Viet Hai village and visiting some caves.  A night in this magnificent place costs only $65USD for a dorm bed and $75 USD for a room which also includes activities and all meals and transport.  Don’t just listen to us – experience the uniqueness of this land yourself.

Staying in Viet Hai Village:

Why should you book our accommodation?

Our accommodation options have been chosen due to their unique characteristics which you cannot find anywhere else in Cat Ba. Each place brings with it a different experience. Now you don’t have to worry about where to stay in Cat Ba. Your only job is to choose which place suits you best.

We offer many tourist services in our places such as: bus tickets, flight tickets and tours. You will also get a 10% discount for drinks and food  if you book a room on the website.

The accommodation rates on our website are cheaper than any booking app and you will get 5% discount for any Nam Travel Accommodation.

You will also receive specific information from our supporters who can answer any questions you have about Cat Ba tourism

Why should you book our accommodation?


Don’t worry if you struggle to find a course of action- contact me. I will help you as best as I can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am available all of the time to help you out.

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Good luck with your amazing journey in Viet Nam!

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Cat Ba National Park


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Cat Ba National Park was established in 1986 and was Vietnam’s first ever national park. It covers an area of 15,200 ha and is located 15km west of Cat Ba town. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its importance in biodiversity conservation.

As a result of this high concentration of biodiversity, the Cat Ba National Park was recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve in 2004, and the area plays an essential role in developing the local economy, tourism, aquaculture, fishery and aquaculture and scientific research.

The park is also made up of a range of different ecosystems including both terrestrial and marine and covers areas both on Cat Ba Island itself as well as areas on the surrounding islands and had been attracting an increasing number of visitors each year.

cat ba national park
Cat Ba National Park

Flora and Fauna

Cat Ba National Park is home to 282 species of fauna of which 32 are mammals; 78 are birds; 20 are reptilian and 11 are amphibian.  Perhaps the most famous creature to live amongst the dense jungle is the golden-headed langur also known as the Car Ba langur. There are only 66 recorded Cat Ba langur left and these are found only in the coastal mountains.

The jungle contains a diverse range of rare and unique botany as well. The main forest is rain forest and evergreen forest. Due to the topography some secondary forests also exist such as limestone and mangrove forest.

There are 745 different species of plants recorded in Cat Ba National Park.This includes 118 different types of timber and 160 plants known for their medicinal value. An interesting tree called ‘Cay Kim Giao’ is also found here and the wood was once used to make chopsticks for the kings and nobles. This was because it was said the timber would turn black if it came into contact with a poison.

Things to do in Cat Ba National Park

One of the most popular activities inside Cat Ba National Park is trekking. People can hike to the top of  Ngu Lam mountain to enjoy spectacular views of the jungle and the rocky mountains right across the national park. Here you can rest for a while to catch your breath or choose to continue to trek through the jungle for 4-5 hours which will eventually take you to the remote fishing village of Viet Hai.

As you follow the path you may come across lizards darting across the track; vibrant butterflies, spectacularly colored birds; insects and even some snakes; curling themselves around the trees.

You will pass a variety of different trees; plants; flowers and vines as well as Frog Lake which is home to a side range of amphibians unique to this part of the world.

How to get to Cat Ba National Park

There are several ways to reach Cat Ba National Park. All long distance busses  from anywhere in Vietnam must pass through the national park on their way to Cat Ba town and you can ask the driver to drop you off on the way. Note there is no accommodation available in the park so you must arrange for someone to watch your luggage and find a way to get to Cat Ba once you have finished exploring.

Alternatively if you stay in Cat Ba town you can either book a guided tour which is the easiest and most stress free way to enter the park or rent a motorbike and travel to the park independently.  If  you travel independently be aware that the park gates open at 6am and close at 7pm.  Driving back to Cat Ba town in the dark is quite dangerous so be sure to head back well before sunset.

It is also possible to commission a taxi from Cat Ba town however this option is much more expensive than booking a tour as you must pay extra for the driver to wait for you whilst you trek.

Cat Ba National Park


Don’t worry if you struggle to find a course of action- contact me. I will help you as best as I can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am available all of the time to help you out.

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Good luck with your amazing journey in Viet Nam!

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Viet Hai Village is still a relatively unfamiliar name for tourists. Often tourists flock to the popular destinations with bustling crowds and local people in a hurry to make money. These are places where tourists rush to keep up with the schedule for their journeys. However, Viet Hai is a far cry from this.

The village is a pristine flower nestled in thick jungle beneath towering limestone rock formations and completely removed from the bustle of Cat Ba Island. Here you will find the true lifestyle and culture of the ancient Vietnamese. The village is separated from the outside world and is a peaceful place to reconnect with nature; admire honest; hard-working people and the simplicity of their lives.

A gently winding road connects Viet Hai Port with the village. On one side there is crystal clear emerald water whilst the other side boasts vertical rocky mountains.

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy nature the way it was 1000’s of years ago, mountains, and majestic views as well as understand the lifestyle of the Vietnamese, Viet Hai village is the place for you. No more overstimulation; none of the usual worries you might have when traveling in tourist areas; it is just you and nature.

How To Get Viet Hai? 

Amazing Person In Viet Hai

What To Do In Viet Hai? 

I’m Here To Help You Out

How To Get Viet Hai? 

There are two ways to reach Viet Hai village. The first way is by trekking through the national park passing through 17 km of the forest road. The second option is to take a small junk boat from Beo harbour in Cat Ba to Viet Hai harbour. I highly recommend the second option because, not only will it save a lot of energy, it will ensure you can appreciate the landscape to the fullest extent. The boat trip to Viet Hai takes 45 minutes and you can enjoy the stunning view of Lan Ha bay on the way.

Trekking In Cat Ba National Park

Amazing Person In Viet Hai – Loi – the dedicated Politician

During my trip, I met Loi – the Chairman of Viet Hai Committee. He impressed me with his tanned skin, deep voice and humble attitude. Although he was not born in Viet Hai, he has had an association with this miracle land for nearly 20 years. During this time Loi has contributed a lot to the beautiful Viet Hai village meaning it is quickly becoming a favorite destination with tourists who are looking for a taste of the real Vietnam. 

viet hai village


Viet Hai was previously known only to the local community as an ancient fishing village. Viet Hai people are still living almost exactly as they were 2000 years ago. For the other people in Cat Ba, Viet Hai village was an ancient village. Home to people living in isolation and separated from the outside world. When Loi took office in Viet Hai, he wanted to improve the lives of the local people, as well as share this special part of the world with people from all over the world. It was difficult at the first as the population’s knowledge of the tourism industry was limited but over the past few years Loi has convinced the locals that their traditional way of life and natural environment can be preserved and exist along-side tourism.

làng việt Hải
lang viet hai
cat ba island homestay


Loi travelled from Viet Hai to Hai Phong countless times to secure funding to re-build the paved road from the harbour to the village. Once the road was built he then needed travel companies to bring their tourists to Viet Hai port. He built his own house using ancient tools to turn it into a place where tourists could experience the culture of Viet Hai, enabling tourists to understand more about Vietnamese agriculture.

I asked him why he chose to do this. His answer really impressed me: “I want tourists to know more about Vietnamese Agriculture and the important role its plays. I earn  nothing, but in the long term, Viet Hai will become a eco destination .Currently the only way to experience Viet Hai’s beauty is through a travel company but they will be impressed. Tourists will spread word of that beauty. More tourists will bring more income for the local people and this will improve the quality of their lives.”


Loi was right, a place is recognized as famous and beautiful when many people know and talk about it. He showed me the natural garden he planted with his own hands. He said: “Agriculture is no longer valued in Viet Hai by the people as a result of poor crop performance. I am aiming for this place to instead become a cultural destination where tourists can learn about traditional agriculture in Vietnam. I have to be a good example for people to follow.” Loi is also a member of the Cat Ba Langur conservation project, protecting the Cat Ba Langur community. By visiting Loi’s house you will have the opportunity to watch a video on the Langur and find out more about this project.


What To Do In Viet Hai?

In Viet Hai, besides the beautiful natural scenery, you can experience many local activities that foreign tourists may have never experienced before.

Viet Hai village is an isolated village located in Cat Ba National Park. This place still boasts wild, untouched jungles spread across the rocky mountains. Visitors will be able to appreciate nature untouched by humans.

Visitors may also find some of the following activities interesting

+ Fishing in the streams, ponds, and sea: 

For ancient Vietnamese people, fishing was an essential activity to provide food for daily meals. Visitors to Viet Hai village will have the chance to experience fishing and learn more about the daily life of the locals.

Cat Ba National Park

+ Experience traditional rice production: 

You will have the opportunity to learn about rice production in ancient times in Viet Nam. You also will experience the use of ancient tools to make white rice grains. This is something  which  should not be missed when visiting Viet Hai.

+ Picking Fruits In The Natural Garden

As the platform being developed by Loi, you will have the opportunity to experience the fruit picking from the garden itself and can eat directly. The fruit is clean and nutritious waiting for you.


+ Hiking and visiting caves in Viet Hai: 

Surrounded by pristine forest systems and limestone mountains, Viet Hai contains many mysterious caves and viewpoints at the top of the mountains. I had the opportunity to visit these beautiful places. The scenery on the top of the mountain as well as the mystery of the caves were truly charming, keeping everyone’s footsteps here.

+ Enjoy The Local Food 

Food is an indispensable feature in any culture. Coming to Viet Hai cuisine, you will have the opportunity to taste the unique local dishes; learn the recipes of the ancient Vietnamese. The ingredients are completely clean and organic; ensuring you will have the most delicious experience If you would like to visit Viet Hai village to experience local activities and stop at Loi’s place, contact us. Part of the money will be donated to the Cat Ba langur conservation project and at the same time, you are helping Loi to maintain his dream of contributing to the Viet Hai Village community.

đặc sản địa phương


Don’t worry if you struggle to find a course of action- contact me. I will help you as best as I can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am available all of the time to help you out.

We have both day tours and inclusive tours visiting Viet Hai village. you will seriously have a good time with us.

I am here to listen to you

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Good luck with your amazing journey in Viet Nam!

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Affiliate With Nam Travel To Earn And Increase Your Travel Budget

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Hello fellow travellers! Thank you for taking the time to contact us! It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you!

My name is Viet, but you can  call me Tony. Currently, I am the manager of Nam Travel Company, headquartered at 261 Nui Ngoc Street – Cat Ba town – Hai Phong – Vietnam. As a traveler myself, having met and talked with many different people, I know I can always learn something from collaborating with others. I also know that working as a team always benefits both parties more than just working alone. Therefore, we are extremely proud to announce that we have officially launched affiliate platforms, working in partnership with travelers who want to pay for their travel budget whilst travelling!

You can cooperate with us in any of 3 ways:

Option 1: Affiliate with us by referring tourists directly

We believe that people should be given fair reward for their efforts. In that spirit, for each tourist that uses our company’s services from your referral, you will receive an immediate $ 1 USD. We will have a list of partners’ names, each customer will be asked for information particularly who introduced them to our organisation. This list will be available on the website, so you can easily check your sales.

The way you choose to recommend our company is up to you: It can be through direct referrals from you but also because your media posts about our tours as well as our company

Option 2: Associate with us through campaign sales

We will send you the current tours and tour prices. You can create a sales campaign with a minimum number of customers is 10 guests / campaign.

If you do not reach the target of 10 guests / campaign, you still receive 8% of the value of the tour you sell / person.

If you achieve the goal of the campaign, you will receive 10% of the value of the tour you sell / person. If exceeding the target:


11 – 20 guests / campaign, you will receive 12%

21 – 30 guests / campaign, you get 15%

31 – 40 guests / campain, you get 18%

more than 60 guests / campaign, you get 20%


You will receive an affiliate code from us. Based on that code, we will determine the number of customers booked by you and transfer money to you after each campaign or monthly payment depending on your discretion.

For partners  who cooperate in option 2 we will collect the entire payment at the hotel. Otherwise, before the tour, you can transfer the payment for the tour to us minus your commission, depending on the commitment of our campaign.

We will follow the schedule and information you provide to take care of your guests

Option 3: Join us by creating a tour: you yourself are the tour operator

The clue is in the name, you will become a tour operator for us. We will give you the agent price of the travel services we have available including: room rates, food prices and prices of various travel services. You will plan a tour and search for customers yourself. We assure you that the price we offer is reasonable for our partners, meaning that you can make reasonably priced tours that can still be profitable and easily sold! With through this collaboration you can individually manage a tour for your customers/friends. The time and activities of the tour are completely on decided by you!

The advantage of the option is that you can actively create the price for tours that you want to sell. Contact us 5 days in advance so that both parties are well prepared to ensure the interests of our customers.

I have several guests willing to do a tour, how will Nam Travel manage a tour for me?

This is a key question for people who want to work with us. After a customer books your tour you should email their individual information including:

  • check-in and check-out dates
  • tour name
  • tour itinerary
  • name, nationality and number of guests booking the tour
  • special requests of guests (eg. vegetarian/vegan food etc.)
  • Special services included in the tour  (optional )
  • total price of the tour. Payment can be made at the hotel or through bank transfer.


How To Collect Your Money?

We will pay your revenue via paypal account. Transaction fees will be borne by you. If transactions are less than $50 USD, we will be happy to assist with the transaction fee

You can request a monthly payment, by tour or by campaign payment. We will let you decide at your discretion.

How To Register for a Partnership with Nam Travel

Please send us your social influence account, your name, your email and paypal details ( bank account ) by filling in the form below.

You can cooperate with us through any combination of the 3 options or through all options. Please tell us to make it easier for us to manage working with you in the best way possible

Thank you so much. We can not wait to talk to you again!

How To Bargain In Vietnam

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Bargaining, is a culture in itself in Vietnam. It is an indispensable part of trade exchange here. In western countries people go to the store or supermarket, in which the items are sourced from other foreign countries, depending on the item. Where as in Vietnam most of the business comes from small business families, especially in local markets. 100% of household businesses are household traders.

With such a broad market of opportunity, there is inconsistency in prices among households. Depending on how you look at it, its either a hinder or an opportunity for those traveling in Vietnam.

Bargaining, is a culture in itself in Vietnam. It is an indispensable part of trade exchange here. In western countries people go to the store or supermarket, in which the items are sourced from other foreign countries, depending on the item. Where as in Vietnam most of the business comes from small business families, especially in local markets. 100% of household businesses are household traders. With such a broad market of opportunity, there is inconsistency in prices among households. Depending on how you look at it, its either a hinder or an opportunity for those traveling in Vietnam.


In some countries talking about finances is a delicate matter, perhaps by some considered impolitic. It is quite the contrary in Vietnam. The topic of money is talked about openly and daily. Something that you may find so taboo in a western country is in abundance here. You bargain according to the trade on each day. Vietnam doesn’t stand alone on this topic, your bargaining skills will come in handy, throughout Southeast Asia, bargaining is an everyday occurrence.


See below how you can save on travel expenses.


If they are not careful, even the Vietnamese can still pay higher prices then usual. Initially for travelers, prices will be offered at rates anywhere from 1.5 to four times higher than the actual price. In the past, there have been cases where foreigners had to buy goods well over their face value prices. Though, in recent years, foreign tourists to Vietnam have been prepared for shopping knowledge. Even then, you will still pay 1.5 times higher than the locals.


How to bargain


When you find an item you would like to buy, ask first, for the price because often the price will not be listed. Upon hearing the first price, counter their offer with half the price being stated. Then, depending on the attitude of the seller, you will gradually increase the price you want to pay. Do this subtly and with a smile on your face. You should know roughly how much you want to pay for this item. If you pay just a little higher or anything below the first said price. You have been successful. Try to limit yourself to a price that is reasonable and is lower than the first given price from the salesperson. If people still insist that your price is to low. DO NOT be afraid to walk away. This is one of the most helpful tips. Walk away slowly because if the seller really needs to sell, they will always call you back.


OK! So here’s a possible scenario.


You want to buy a pair of the elephant shorts that are all the rage for comfort and style in Vietnam. You find a vendor that you like. The initial price you hear is 200.000VND. Typically, the average price of shorts (depending on the material and style) is around 80.000VND-150.000VND. Your first offer should be half of the salespersons, so 100.000VND or you could even try for 90.000VND. Now pay attention to the attitude of the seller; If they look surprised and a little angry, then your offer is not a fair price to them. Your next price will be 10.000VND to 20.000VND higher than your first offered price. Remember only to increase twice, or you will end up paying to much for this item. If in the case, they have already discounted the price for you keep the price for you then you are already paying less than other people and you should only try and decrease the price once.


After a trade exchange, if the seller still has not agreed to sell, walk away slowly, so they have a chance to call you back. If you turn away and the salesperson does not call you back, they’re indicating that your price is too low and they can’t afford to sell it for that price. If you really liked the item, go back later on and raise the price one more time or agree to the first price you heard.


Attitude to keep in mind when bargaining.


When bargaining, consider the seller as your friend. Make use of your Vietnamese that you have learned while traveling around. Another very important rule is to keep a smile on your face, almost talk as if you are flirting with this person. In Vietnam, the trade is important, but the Vietnamese attach importance to their attitude when communicating with each other more. This is very important when shopping or traveling not just in Vietnam, but Southeast Asia in general.

If you build a good enough rapport with the seller, they may even invite you back to their home to eat and get to know their family and friends. What a fun way to travel.


How Bargaining Affects the Cultural Behavior of the Vietnamese


Bargaining is a vital part of every day life in the Vietnamese culture. For Vietnamese people, bargaining is a sign of the usual trade between first-time buyers, but if you have made a purchase previously, people will remember you. So, the next time you will make a purchase, you will be able to buy goods at an average price or maybe even lower than the average price of the product. Of course, this is true only for small business deals, but it still represents the Vietnamese community.


Why with visitors, should you always bargain? Because as I said above, the Vietnamese economy is about mini-capitalism. So, for visitors-the casual shoppers, the sellers usually pay higher prices for an item to make more money. A pair of pants sold to Vietnamese people for 120,000VND is equal to the price of imported pants for tourists for 200.000VND. This is the consequence of the free market between small traders.

Pay attention when using Vietnamese currency

Common Mistake When Using Vietnamese Money

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What is Vietnamese money?

Cash VS bank cards. Which is more convenient in Vietnam?

Common mistakes when using Vietnamese currency

Keeping the face value of money to pay small

As a traveler, using local money to buy consumer goods, is a crucial part of traveling.


In this article, I will address Vietnamese currency and tips when using Vietnamese currency.


  1. What is Vietnamese money?
  2. Cash VS bank cards. Which is more convenient in Vietnam?
  3. Common mistakes when using Vietnamese currency
  4. Keeping the face value of money to pay small


Vietnamese Dong is the official currency in Vietnam. The denominations are as follow: 1000 – 2000 (lowest denomination)







500,000 VND. (highest denomination)


XE is an app you can use, to give you live conversion rates or you can simply type the amount into Google and it will convert it for you.


If you have foreign currency in cash, you can exchange to Vietnamese Dong. This is very easy to do at the airport and perhaps more convenient, though the commission will be quite high compared to the ATM fee you would have gotten, if you were to have withdrawn cash upon arrival.


For money transfer, you can go to the bank or another very convenient way is to go to a jewelry shop or as they’re known ‘gold shop”, they won’t charge you for fees unlike airports and hotels.


The bigger the amount of money, the higher the exchange rate is.


For example:


In the case, changing $10USD to its Vietnamese equivalent (227,273VND) will be lower when you would change $100 to 2,272,736VND.


In general, money valued ​​less than $10, the exchange rate will be lower than if the coin value is higher than 10.


Why is this change? Because high par value currencies are often more easily traded on the domestic foreign exchange market between Vietnamese and Vietnamese. The higher par value is used or is therefore, more easily exchanged.


Cash or bank card? Which is more convenient?


It is true that in Vietnam, cash is used in most trade deals. From street food, to market vendors and pharmacies to mechanics most store holders are standalone businesses and do not offer card machines. At some restaurants, people have a swipe card system to charge, but this is only a very small amount.


When traveling in Vietnam, do not forget to spend a day in your wallet on average in Vietnam.

Avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash in case of theft or robbery. The ATM system in Vietnam is very developed so you can withdraw money anywhere in the metropolitan area (depending on your bank) and large cities. On average the most you can withdraw 2,000,000VND. Typically you can withdraw this amount three times in a row from the same ATM. If you are in need of more cash, this is the time to make use of the jewelry shops.


If you are planning to travel to mountainous or rural areas. You MUST carefully consider the cost of your trip as there will be no way for you to withdraw money from your bank card. If you do not have enough cash. Keep this cash hidden away. Another tip is to have two wallets. One with a small amount of cash and the rest on another one out of sight, refilling the one with the smaller amounts of cash as you need it.


The common mistakes when using VND

Vietnamese currency is made of polymer, so it is water-resistant and very durable. One of the most common mistakes made with VND is confusion between the currency: 20.000VND and 500.000VND. The 500.000 note is bigger in size, but very similar in color to the 20.000 note. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, hungover or just plainly not paying attention handing over the wrong note is a high possibility.

Another error when using Vietnamese Dong is that it can be quite sticky. You could very easily pay with two notes at the same time, only finding this out when you look into your wallet to pay for your Bun Cha and only have 5000VND remaining instead of the 100.000 you had previously thought. Vietnam is very humid and the weather is unpredictable, combine this with keeping the money in your pocket for a long time and voila! Sticky money. Always double-check the money before paying.


Keep the face value of money you use to pay in the smallest denominations.


In Vietnam, you have to pay to return to nature at public toilets. Price is usually very cheap only about: 1000-3000VND per time, but in truth it is quite and inconvenience. Keep small denominations side to pay for such times.


When traveling in Vietnam. The cost of everything compared to some countries is next to nothing so it is easy enough to throw money away. Be smart with your money, don’t flash it around because all of a sudden you’re a millionaire for the first time in your life. Respect the fact that small businesses don’t have a change box in the back of their shop, they will usually have to run to fellow store holder to swap the money to give you change. Enjoy the products and services that Vietnam has to offer and support the local stores vs the international chains. Do your part to give back to the community.