Cat Ba Island Things To Do




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Cat Ba Island Things To Do

In recent years, Cat Ba has become one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, attracting an increasing number of visitors annually. Cat Ba is a stunning and naturally beautiful location to include in your itinerary. Here are a few things to help make your Cat Ba experience complete.

1. Kayaking around Cat Ba

2. Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

3. Visiting Monkey Island

4. Boat trip around Cat Ba

5. Sleep in a floating house

6. Visit Viet Hai – fishing village

7. Motorbike tour around Cat Ba


How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi

At present, there are many bus companies offering a direct route from Hanoi to Cat Ba, Cat Ba Express, Good Morning, etc . If you are not in Hanoi, you can also buy bus tickets to Cat Ba from other locations. In just over 3 hours, you will arrive in Cat Ba. If you prefer to find your own way to Cat Ba, getting to the island on a motorcycle is also an enjoyable experience.

How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi
How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi
How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi
How To Get Cat Ba From Ha Noi

The List Of Things To Do In Cat Ba Island

1, Kayaking In Cat Ba

Kayaking is one of the most noteworthy tours. There are many reasons why you should do kayaking in Cat Ba. With a limestone karst system concentrated in Lan Ha bay area, you can be the discoverer of mountains that even locals do not know about. The flexibility of the kayak means you can freely explore wherever you want as well as take photos from unique shooting angles.

Kayaking In Cat Ba

2, Trekking In Cat Ba National Park

Located on Cat Ba Island 150 km east of Ha Noi, Cat Ba National Park is famous for its diverse flora and fauna and is recognized as the world biosphere reserve. The National Park is strictly preserved, and is home to hundreds of thousands of different species, many of which have only recently been discovered. Trekking is one of the most rewarding things to do in Cat Ba National Park. Hidden amongst the lush foliage you are likely to discover unfamiliar creatures and colorful birds. You can also enjoy the wonderful natural beauty and satisfaction that comes with conquering Mount Ngu Lam

Trekking In Cat Ba National Park
Trekking In Cat Ba National Park

3, Visit Monkey Island 

This is also one of the most remarkable things to do in Cat Ba. Monkey Island was once known as Pineapple Cat Island. The clue is in the name, this island is home to many monkeys, and visitors can choose to get up close and personal with them or just watch them play from a distance.

Visit Monkey Island

4, Boat Trip Around Cat Ba

There are many options for you to consider when planning a boat trip in Cat Ba such as a half day boat trip, a whole day boat trip and you can even choose sleep on board. Depending on the length of your stay, you can choose to participate in one (or more) of the packages each offering a unique view of Cat Ba.

Boat Trip Around Cat Ba
Boat Trip Around Cat Ba

5, Sleeping On A Floating House

Out of all the things to do on Cat Ba Island, sleeping on a floating house is one of the most novel experiences you can have. It is a better option than sleeping on a cruise ship if you are considering your budget and will surely make your stay on Cat Ba complete. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about the life of Cat Ba fishermen and how they make their fish farms

Sleeping On A Floating House

6, Visit Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai village is completely isolated from the outside world. This fishing village retains the wildness of nature and the simplicity of the locals lifestyle. Located an hours boat ride from Beo Harbour Cat Ba, this is a rare non-touristy area. Those that have visited say exploring this village was one of the most interesting and unique experiences they had during their time in Vietnam.

Visit Viet Hai Village
Visit Viet Hai Village

7, Ride A Motorbike Around Cat Ba

If you’re a fan of exploring off the beaten track, this is the best option for discovering this magical land at your own pace. Having the motorcycle means you can stop at any time to take beautiful photos and there is nothing better than feeling free and independent.

If you don’t know how to ride a bike, here is riding a bike in Cat Ba experience. You might find it helpful for your trip

Ride A Motorbike Around Cat Ba
Ride A Motorbike Around Cat Ba


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