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When traveling with kids; having a well thought out travel budget is essential. The good news is that in Southeast Asia the airfares; lodging and dining costs are very cheap.


In terms of traveling within Vietnam; depending on the distance; you might like to consider booking bus tickets; train tickets; air tickets in advance to suit your family’s travel plans. Booking in advance sometimes means you can get a discount from the shipping company and therefore get more out of your trip.


Accommodation rates are different depending on the seasons. In Summer, the rate is extremely expensive as it is also the local tourist season. You should research the best time to travel in Vietnam to figure out the best places to take your family


Why Viet Nam is ideal country to travel with kids?

Getting back to nature with your kids. 

If you want your children to experience nature, Vietnam is the ideal place to travel with kids. Whether it’s wild jungles or golden beaches, Vietnam is a land full of pleasant surprises for everyone. Your family will be amazed by the blue mountains that are the backdrop to many areas and you can spend many relaxing hours on the numerous beautiful beaches that stretch from north to south Vietnam.

The best time to travel Vietnam

Delicious cuisine

Vietnam is famous world-wide for its street – food. Due to 1000 years of domination by the Chinese Empire; 100 years of colonial rule by the French colonialists and more than 30 years of war against the US; Japanese and French armies; Vietnamese cuisine is a mix of outstanding flavors from the East and the use of raw materials from the West. This is very obvious when tasting a lot of the street – food.

Fun Fact: Pho – a popular Vietnamese dish for Western tourists, actually originated from the French as it is similar to a cow’s tail soup. The only difference is in the French dish; people use potatoes and other vegetables whereas in Pho; they add pho noodles

Delicious cuisine

Keeping your family safe

Viet Nam is generally very safe for traveling with children. Vietnamese people are very friendly and willing to help you if you need them. Of course, there are some bad-eggs everywhere, but here you don’t need to be constantly watching your back and can relax and enjoy time with your family.

Places to travel with kids in Viet Nam

There are many places to visit in Vietnam, but here are some recommendations made with children in mind. The places are respectively located from North to South



You cannot talk about Vietnam without mentioning Hanoi. The city is a mix of oriental and western culture and is the perfect place for traveling with kids to give them a real taste of Vietnam. There are many famous places you can bring your family such as Hanoi ancient citadel, Ho Chi Minh tomb, Chien Quoc pagoda, Hoan Kiem lake, the night market, etc. In addition, Hanoi street food is one of the main attractions that shouldn’t be missed.

ha noi best time to travel

Ha Long Bay 

As it is one of the 10 natural wonders of the world Ha Long Bay is a familiar name to most tourists. Here you can visit the city museum – one of the largest museums in Viet Nam or take a cruise ship to visit Halong Bay. The street food is also an essential part of the Halong experience.There is also a recently launched theme park which will keep your kids happy for hours

Cat Ba Island Things To Do

Cat Ba Island 

Cat Ba island is an ideal place to travel with your kids. It is located 150 km from Hanoi and there are many activities suitable for the whole family such as trekking in Cat Ba national park, boat tours, visiting Viet Hai Village, sleeping at a floating house and kayaking. Companies that operate guided services are licensed and have a certificate of safety issued by the government. You can be certain the quality of service is of a high standard and guarantee the safety of your children whilst participating in these activities. By comparison the Cat Ba Archipelago is even more beautiful than Ha Long Bay due to the denser concentration of limestone karts systems as well as more options for tours and cheaper travel services.

Fun fact: If you visit Cat Ba, you can visit some of the places where King Kong was filmed. In addition, if you are looking for a quiet place to stay for your family, the spacious Victor Charlie Family Room is ideal. The hotel is located in a small alley and is completely safe and secure. Behind the house is a large cave, discovered by chance when the owner re-built the property 15 years ago.

Cat Ba National Park
làng việt Hải

Ninh Binh 

If you’re a fan of nature Ninh Binh is the place for you and is often considered one of the most beautiful parts of Vietnam. This place still retains a sense of wildness and with its dense limestone karsts, sprawling golden rice fields and river systems below the mountains, this is an ideal place for your kids to explore nature. You and your family can relax and soak in the scenery with a boat trip in Trang An or Tam Coc, or enjoy the beauty of Bai Dinh pagoda – the biggest pagoda in Viet Nam. Trekking in Cuc Phuong national park is another special experience for your family you might like to consider



More than 200 years ago Hue was once the capital of Vietnam. When visiting Hue you can take a Huong river boat trip to see the city from a completely new perspective. A visit to the Hue imperial is also another interesting cultural experience to better understand the life of past Vietnamese kings and cuisine specific to this area is sure to delight you and your family.


Da Nang

This is a modern tourist city and it is especially suitable for families due to the friendliness of the locals and their ability to speak English. Some places you should not miss are: Son Tra peninsula, beaches such as Non Nuoc, Xuan Thuy, My Khe and visiting Linh Ung pagoda. Don’t forget to sample the street food here as street food in Da Nang is said to be some of the most delicious Vietnamese cuisine.


Hoi An

Just a half hour bus ride away from Danang, you will find Hoi An, an ancient town preserved perfectly. Here you will have the opportunity to see the colorful lanterns on the street as well as treat yourself to some new specially tailored clothes. In Hoi An, you can buy your family hand-made items at very reasonable prices as well as sample the local cuisine which is of a very high standard

hội an

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is one of the largest cities in Vietnam and should definitely be part of your itinerary. Here you can take your kids to visit the military museums, the presidential residence of the South Republic or let them explore with their taste buds by enjoying an array of street food.

Mekong Delta

Vietnam is a beautiful country with dense river networks that make up the Mekong Delta, over 3000km of coastline, the central highlands, and Northern mountains that disappear into the sky. If you want to bring your children closer to nature and teach them valuable lessons about appreciating natural beauty, Vietnam is the perfect destination.


Tips for traveling with kids in Viet Nam 

Planning your trip

When preparing to travel with kids try not to over plan. Often people try to cram in too much in a short time which ends up being stressful and rushed. However you should research carefully before the trip and decide how many places you want to travel to. Write a quick list of the key things you want to see and do in each place. This gives you some structure but can be changed at any moment during your journey. As for getting around you should book in advance to get the cheapest price and therefore reduce your budget. There are a lot of bus, train and flight tickets available online. Try to gain as specific as possible information regarding travel times, facilities and routes so there are no surprises. If you’re going to go somewhere you have never been before, it’s better to find some information about the place first and if you still have questions ask the local people about it.

viet nam travel

How to travel safely in Viet Nam

During your trip to Vietnam, try to avoid overcrowded transportation, especially when on boats or canoes at the major tourist attractions. Always choose places that are known to be safe for tourists and also for families. Another tip for traveling with kids is to always bring insect creams, sun-creams and wear long sleeved clothes to avoid nasty insect bites in Viet Nam.

Check the weather before traveling to your next destination. Due to climate change, the weather in Viet Nam can be unpredictable, making it difficult to plan your trip.
You should also always bring diarrhea medicines in case of food poisoning. In general, the street food is delicious but there are some vendors with no morals who use dirty equipment or bad ingredients. Knowing where hospitals is also important in case of injury or illness. Make sure to ask someone from your accommodation to come to the hospital as support.



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