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Cat Ba archipelago sits alongside the Hai Phong region and consists of 367 small islands, in which Cat Ba island (also known as Ngoc island) is the most popular with tourists. Although it has been known about for some time Cat Ba still retains much natural beauty thanks to its isolated location. Temperatures remain at a comfortable average of only 25°C  within the area, meaning travelers have the optimum climate for exploring the many beautiful beaches and primeval forests. Thrill-seeking tourists can also try out the many high-adrenaline activities. If you have the opportunity to visit Cat Ba Island, you must experience some of the exhilarating activities below.

1. Trekking In The Cat Ba National Park


Cat Ba National Park was established in 1986. After a re-arrangement of the park boundaries in 2006, the park now covers 161km²  including inshore waters and mangrove-covered tidal zones. Cat Ba was Vietnam’s first national park to include both terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Take the scenic, invigorating one-hour ascent to Ngu Lam, the highest point of the trek in Cat Ba national park. Here you will have the opportunity to take in the tranquil landscape for all that it is, painted across a canvas of green mountains. This is a place for those who want to find peace and quiet after a long journey as well as see Cat Ba’s astonishing beauty.

Moreover, you can visit the Hospital cave – which was used as a hospital during the Vietnamese War. The location is close to Cat Ba National Park so you can easily get there and experience its historic ambiance.

cat ba national park

2. Explore Cat Ba Island By Motorbike 


If you want to experience Cat Ba’s full potential and beauty, riding a bike around the island is a worthwhile option to consider. Explore the island for yourself with no limits or time constraints, feeling the cool breeze rejuvenate your senses wherever you go. With the maze of winding roads it is possible to even stumble across never-before visited locations.

explore Cat Ba by bike

3. Rock Climbing


With limestone karst surrounding the entire island and area, Cat Ba is an ideal place for those who want to take on adventurous and exciting tours. From the high point on the limestone mountains, you will have the opportunity to fulfill your potential as well as conquer camera-shooting points. Rock climbing tours are organized professionally and safely to ensure that climbers have the best experience. You can book daily tours – daily tour – rock climbing tour or inclusive tours – inclusive rock climbing tour

leo núi
leo núi thám hiểm

4. Deep Water Solo


Similar to rock climbing, deep water solo-ing is a tour you should not miss. Get on a boat out to Lan Ha Bay, climbing on the limestone mountains to feel the majestic beauty of the sea from above, you will find that you are stronger than you think. You can also book half day / full day deep water solo and inclusive tour to reach your potential

5. Beach Party In Cat Ba Secret Beach


For those who love to socialize and want to spend time chatting and partying the night away with fellow travelers, the unforgettable beach party is a must. Hosted on a secluded beach, 10 minutes away from Cat Ba town, you will have hours of fun and relaxation with your friends and many others. If you don’t want to go home simply book a tent for the night right on the beach and watch the sunrise with your loved ones.

6. Boat Tour Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long Bay


It would be a shame to not try this experience. You can sunbathe whilst finding peace within the soul as you glide along the bay. Immerse yourself in the calm blue waters; this is all you need to release the stress and weariness of work. During the trip, you can also kayak within unique caves and crevices that are just small enough to allow you to creep in.  You will also be visiting Monkey Island, hiking to see the panoramic view as well as seeing wild monkeys living on the island and on the top of the mountain. Why not?

đi thuyền đôi trải nghiệm khám phá đảo cát bà
đi thuyền qua hang đảo cát bà
tắm biển cát bà
Boat Tour Lan Ha Bay – Ha Long Bay

7. Visit Viet Hai Village


As a traveler you will find unique spots unlike no other in Viet Hai village. The stunning attractions of Viet Hai include its wild, rocky mountains and native forests stretching all over the area. Leaving the harbor you see the crystal clear blue water and the majestic beauty of the sea behind you, and as you slip into the village you can see the carpet of flowers and vertical mountains shrouding it.  We are small in comparison with nature. Do not miss this place when traveling in Cat Ba.

Visit Viet Hai Village

8. Swimming On Public Beaches

Of course, a trip to Cat Ba would not be complete without the therapeutic beach days along the white sandy shores. The beaches are only 15 minutes away from the town by foot, and here you can experience the utmost relaxation and tranquility, immersing yourself in the water. There are 3 popular public beaches on Cat Ba which are Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3.

Cat Ba beach
trải nghiệm thú vị trên đảo Cát Bà
Biển Cát Bà - hoàng hôn


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